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Hard, Cold Butter is the thing of the past. Thanks to the most advanced butter knife in the world!


It’s morning and time for breakfast. You don’t have time for an elaborate breakfast, but toast and butter is as good. You toast your bread, pick up the butter from your fridge and start the battle of spreading the cold butter on your bread. You curse yourself, why didn’t I remember to take out the butter earlier so that it could defrost a bit? If you have not spent at least one morning like this, then you’re just not a butter fan and this post is irrelevant to you.

spreadthat heated butter knife

But if you are a butter fan and have spent more than one morning hating yourself for cold hard butter then SpreadThat! is your salvation (and ours). It’s the most advanced butter knife in the world. SpreadThat! uses your body heat and conducts heat throughout the knife. Thus melting the butter and allowing you to smoothly spread butter.

spread that butter knife 2

You don’t need electricity and it is dish washer safe. Not only can you use it for butter but any other spread that has a tendency to get a little too tight. What more could we ask for from a butter knife? Now you get to enjoy every morning with a succulent butter toast!