8 Recipes To Celebrate The Harvest Season

And just like that we have hopped over into the New Year and are celebrating the onset of longer days already! It doesn’t matter which part of the country you’re from because the harvest season equally precious to every state, region, and culture. The one thing that makes today extra special – apart from the festivities – is all the food that goes into making the day extra special. We’re talking til patti, chikki, halwa, barfis, laddoos, and the likes. And while there are a number of shops that do a stellar job at whipping up these traditional grubs, nothing beats the homemade stuff. So, celebrate with some decadent homemade treats this year. Here are 7 recipes to switch up your food game this weekend!


  1. Til Laddoo

Til (sesame) is the principle harvest of the season, making the til laddoos a must in every household.


  1. Murmure Chikki

Made of crunchy rice puffs and jiggery, the murmure chikki is a typical Maharshtrian dish that is a staple during Sankrant in the region.


  1. Rewari

Mini snacks to keep you munching through the harvest season. Get the recipe to make this delicious sweet sesame taffy here.


  1. Gur Ka Halwa


  1. Til Patti a.k.a. Til Chikki

Another rendition of the jaggery infused chikki, this version is made with sesame instead of rice puffs.


  1. Dry Fruit Chikki

Munch on this chunky sweet dish made with rich jaggery and nutty dry fruits.


  1. Gur Ki Roti

Step up your regular rotis with a dash of the harvest season special – gur a.k.a jaggery. Top it with generous dollops of white butter for the ultimate flavor!gur ki roti


  1. Til Gajak



Can’t get enough of those Punjabi flavours? Here are some more recipes that you can try!