Happily Drowned In Sambar at Ratna Cafe


Who wouldn’t like being drowned in a vat of golden Sambar? No? Too morbid? Well then, you needn’t think about that, but you can definitely head out to Ratna Cafe in Triplicane this weekend and watch your Idlis get submerged in one of the best Sambars  in town.

A true Chennai icon, Ratna Cafe on Triplicane High road has been around since 1948. This place is living history that continues to delight generations of customers. Grandparents who remember coming here when they were young are eager to bring their grandchildren. It is Sunday ritual for many to come here after a walk on the nearby Marina Beach. The customers know exactly what they want.Extra helpings of the famous sambar.

Exemplary Quality

Why does this sambar stand apart from others? the key is in the quality control. They use only the best dal sourced from Indore and 90% of all other ingredients are sourced in best quality from varoius parts of India. The Guptas (the family that runs the eatery) make sure that they taste each batch of all the food daily (especially the sambar ) to make sure that they produce the same stellar products daily. People have high standards for the sambar at Ratna and the owners do not take this lightly.

The perfect foil for this spectacular sambar are their fluffy cloud like idlis straight out of the steamer. It helps that they have Mr.V Raman who is the superstar cook in charge of the idlis (now that’s a title I would enjoy. Idli Supremo!) He has been with the group for 40 years and is committed to churning out fresh Idlis, made using a secret recipe and mixing spices and ingredients  for all other dishes, fresh daily.

Even though the Sambar is the main attraction, we cannot avoid mentioning all the other drool worthy delights that they have on offer. Crisp yet fluffy Vadais, Idlis coated in golden podi, a Khichdi that will hug you in its comfort, Crisp wafer thin Dosa’s and many more.


This is one place where you don’t have to be shy in asking for more and more and more helpings of that gorgeous sambar that you want to drown yourself (sorry, your Idlis) in. So go ahead, head out to Ratna Cafe,Triplicane High Road, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600014 and get immersed into a beloved part of Chennai. (Did I already tell you to immerse yourself in the Sambar? Hee, Hee)


Photo credits :foodpecker.in