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“Hands up in the air, I have a spoon.”


The Sticky Bandits, Goat Thief and now The Spoon Robber

In an interesting event in Vienna, a man armed with a ‘dessert spoon’ told a cashier of a local bank to ‘Stick ‘Em Up’. Woah there, calm down, dude.  

He really, really was armed with nothing else. He seemed to think the dessert spoon was enough. The cashier, totally stumped and not to mention ‘scared’, said he would give him the money, and called the police. The police came in to pick up a very calm ‘robber’ relaxing in the waiting room of the bank. 

‘Witnesses say the man seemed to think everyone couldn’t see him holding a silver object and would assume it was a knife and be afraid, but they say everyone could  see it was just a spoon,’ says the Daily Meal. 

Maybe he thought he was up against Werewolves. 

Now, as foodies we would be afraid if someone came to us with a DESSERT SPOON. Like, did you think I was going to share? 

But we don’t get it, even a butter knife or a fork might have been a little frightening. But spoon, please. 

Such criminal wanna-be’s! 

*Even Joey was ‘armed’ with a fork.