Halloween Candies With Sky High Sugar Levels

Happy Halloween foodies!

It’s that day of the year when you can consume truckloads of sweets in the name of trick-o-treat! And that’s perfectly fine because which other holiday or celebration let’s you do that anyway? Except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and oh, your birthday! The point is, hogging on sweets is inevitable so it’s important to know how many calorie-faced devils are getting inside your system.Candy

Candy is equal to sugar is equal to calories. According to list compiled by Cooking Light, The amount of sugar varies form one treat to another. So might be able to burn away a Peanut Butter Cup in just one day of jogging but the Sugar Babies are going to get you running a few extra mile. Everyday. For the next few months.

Here are the results of The Great Halloween Candy Comparison for you to refer to.


Source: Time