Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Her Secret Cooking Tips

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, Gwyneth is the first to come to most of our minds (Sorry Kardashian Fans!). These days the 45-year-old actress and food writer has been sharing some drool-worthy healthy meals on her social media. If you have been following Paltrow on Instagram and have always wondered how to achieve her oh-so-Instagram-worthy healthy lifestyle, these tips are going to get you a step closer.

First things first, you really don’t need to go on a hardcore diet cleanse to get Gwyneth-status healthy. You don’t even need to empty your pockets in a fancy, gourmet grocery store. When it comes to her top five tips for healthy cooking, it just comes down to these easy breezy steps :

Tip 1: Try to visit the local farmers’ market and use organic products.
Tip 2: Avoid packaged dairy.
Tip 3: Add olive oil to salads so as not to cook it.
Tip 4: Once a week have a bone broth for proper nourishment.
Tip 5: Avoid using scratched non-stick pans, throw them out!

Gwyneth who is widely known for her Academy Award-winning performance in 1998 film, Shakespeare in Love, also owns a website ‘Goop’ that promotes health gear and diets.

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