Guzzle Down That Bubbly In The All New Chambong

No, it’s not a chamber for champagne lovers and neither is it the new pub in town. Chambong, my friends, is the impatient drinker’s flute. As the name suggests it’s a bong for gulping champagne. Notice how I say gulp and not drink, because that’s how you down champagne in a chambong.

Now, team ‘Captain Obvious’ must be going “why can’t you just use a beer bong, dufus?” Fine so while you suck on a rubber hose, we’ll just slurp on a classy glass pipe.cu_top_large


What is a Chambong?

The ‘device’ which clearly looks like the lovechild of a glass funnel and a wash bottle (yes, from your chemistry lab) is a revolutionary – to say the least – apparatus made of high quality glass that can get you drunk ten times faster than a regular flute.

Basically, it’s a champagne flute with a glass straw as the stem, allowing for supreme airflow that will force champagne into your esophagus as quickly as possible. Like we said, revolutionary.giphy (27)


Once Upon A Time

The Chambong was dreamed up in 2014 at a Super Bowl party. The inventors of the Chambong were attempting to create a “Super Bowl,” a device that would ” hold an extraordinary amount of cannabis.”

Unfortunately, the Super Bowl didn’t function well as a weed piece, but several evenings later it was determined that the device looked like a great wine shooter and the Chambong was born.L6x-bg-g



The Chambong will burn a hole worth $25 in your pocket. It can hold up to 4 ounces (~120ml) of liquid in one go. Ok fine, it’s a tad bit more than a regular flute and the capacity is a tiny bit less than a champagne glass too. But hey! Look at the high (pun intended) side! How cool would it be to down boozy shots in the Chambong!

Don’t choke though.4