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This Guy will show you how to make Bacon by shooting an M16 Assault Rifle


This is the epitome of an American stereotype – guns, bacon, thrills and a YouTube video. And he made a video with all four.  In a recent video tutorial, gun enthusiast Dustin Ellermann shows you how to cook bacon using an M16 assault rifle. 

Why couldn’t he just use his grill? Well, because he didn’t want to. Here’s the low-down on how to prepare bacon with a gun: Ellermann wraps uncooked bacon around the barrel of his rifle, covers it with aluminum foil, and then cooks it by firing almost 90 rounds in a row.

The method, known as the “gun grill,” takes about three minutes to transform raw bacon into sizzling perfection. Perfectly cooked gun-smoked bacon is best accompanied by a cold glass of beer.

Let’s watch the fascinating video here.