10 Authentic Gujarati Thali Places In Hyderabad


Gujarati Thali is an assortment of dishes arranged as a platter for lunch or dinner in restaurants and homes, mostly in Gujarat and places with Gujarati diaspora. The Gujarati Thali consists of various dishes like ringana methi nu shaak (eggplant cooked with fenugreek leaves), Gujarati khatti mithi daal (sweet and sour lentil), undhiyu (mixed vegetable prepared with spinach paste), bhindi sambhariya (ladyfingers curry), aloo rasila (potato and tomato thin curry), steamed basmati rice, badshahi khichdi, Chapati, methi na thepla and bhakhri with kachumber salad along with various types of chutneys. Want to Taste Authentic Gujarati Thali In Hyderabad? Here’s Our latest pick of Restaurants Serving Gujarati Thalis in Hyderabad!

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