Gujarat Government announces Thirty Day Ban on Bambino Macaroni and Yippee Noodles

ITC’s Yippee noodles are the latest instant noodles to come under fire, with the Gujarat government announcing a ban on them on Thursday. On the same day, the Gujarat government announced a ban on Bambino macaroni, produced by Bambino Agro industries. 

Explaining the reasons behind the ban, Gujarat FDCA Commissioner HG Kosha stated “”We had collected only one sample of Bambino macaroni and found that lead content was 4.1 PPM. In one of the samples of Yippee, lead content was found to be 3.44 PPM (particle per million) instead of prescribed limit of 2.5 PPM. Such an excess of lead is harmful if consumed.” Kosha also commented that excess levels of MSG had been found in the Yippee samples tested.
However, a Yipee statement responded saying ” (ITC foods) does not add MSG (monosodium glutamate) as an ingredient to Yippee. Traces of glutamates may occur from the natural ingredients used in making the product.”

Even if Yipee is able to justify the excess MSG found in its products, there appears to be no relief in sight for instant food products in Gujarat. In his statement to the press Kosha said “till now, we have collected 133 samples of 22 companies selling instant noodles and pastas. Of these, 33 samples have failed the test till now, including Maggi.”

Are we looking at the end of instant noodles as we know them? We can only wait and watch.