Guess What Ina Garten Listens To While Cooking?

No, it’s definitely not a re-run of one of her episodes.

We’ve all seen the Ina Garten whip up magic in front of our eyes on the telly. But what happens when the cameras are not rolling and she’s just whipping up magic in her own kitchen? Does she still narrate each and every step along the process, does she like the silence, or – like the most of us – does she put on some good ol’ music to twirl around while that chicken roasts?

Turns out, that Garten is just like the rest of us (only with a million times better cooking skills, a solo show on Food Network, and a bunch of recipe books to her name). In an interview with W Magazine, the Barefoot Contessa cleared all our doubts, when she said that music keeps her company in the kitchen. And off late, it’s one particular pop singer’s music that’s been playing on a loop in her kitchen. “I love to listen to Taylor Swift,” she said. “Is that surprising? 1989 was amazing.”rs_1024x683-140616105527-1024-taylor-swift-ina-garten-2

But this is not the first time that Garten and Swift have crossed paths. Aside from worshipping eachother via Instagram posts after going from admirers to BFFs in a blink, Swift penned down her doting thoughts about Garten for Time‘s “100 Most Influential People” in 2015, they’ve posed for photos together, and Garten had floor seats to Swift’s 1989 tour at MetLife Stadium. (Fun fact, it’s the last concert Garten saw live).

“I adore Taylor, and I admire her enormously,” Garten told People about their friendship, adding that Swift’s “a very good cook.”


Like I said, she’s just like the rest of us (except that she personally knows her pop music idol).


On a yummier note, Garten went on to reveal what she’ll be whipping up on the stove as she counts down to the next 365. “I’m always trying to figure out what to make on New Year’s Eve, and I’ve been thinking that baked potatoes with caviar might be the thing,” she said.

Feature Image: Good Housekeeping