Guess What Has Finally Happened? Inception Donuts

It’s donuts upon donuts upon donuts upon…. and it goes on and on and on. The Inception Donut has arrived and we should have seen this coming considering that there have been so many weird and crazy food trends.

Adam Soebel, a chef at The Cinnamon Snail had just finished watching Christopher Nolan’s Inception and instantly came up with this fantastic new delicious treat.

What goes into this Inception Donut?

It’s a beautiful raspberry filled donut that has three mini sugar cookies shaped like donuts, topped with cheerios that are glazed to also look like donuts. While the base has raspberry in it, the variety of flavours and textures in each bite makes this a completely new and mind-bending kind of treat.

They made a brief appearance for the day and while there are no immediate plans to bring it back any time soon, there’s a good chance that they might surface all over the world now. One picture on Instagram is all it takes.