Guess What Amanda Seyfried’s Pregnancy Cravings Are Made Of?

Mean Girls actor Amanda Seyfried, while possibly revealing the gender of her baby, spoke about her pregnancy needs in a recent interview with W Magazine to promote a new fragrance by Givenchy. And like every other mom-to-be, Seyfried too has her set of unusual cravings. Surprise, surprise.

The actress admitted to being drawn to a massive amount of carbs. “I crave everything that’s made of flour, butter and sugar. Or not even sugar. Just flour and butter. You know what? Not even flour. Just butter. A stick of butter. Butter now”, she said adding how grateful she was for not being in Paris at the moment. “I’m so glad I’m not in Paris right now. It’s actually very unhealthy, the amount of butter they consume.” Julia Child would totally agree!

amandaseyfriedgroceryshoppingwholefoodsjidnvmay1gpxImage: Zimbio

And while binge eating a stick of butter may weird out a lot of us, her second most craved food item scored several steps higher on the bizarre – and calcium –scale. “I eat cottage cheese. It’s kind of the best thing,” she said, later adding: “But it’s embarrassing when I eat it. I don’t know why. I feel that I need to eat it alone. It’s a very strange thing. Also, look at what it looks like and how you eat it.” Indeed, very very strange! Not the cottage cheese loving bit, but the need to eat it alone. Hey! Food is food is food!

She adds that usually people are put off by the texture of cottage cheese, which eventually makes her feel self-conscious. Especially after a recent snack break, when she had a glob of cottage cheese on her sweater and hugged her father-in-law, smothering him in her lunch. Oh well, to err is human and to smear is Seyfried.

636125651708604285-523004986_asImage: Odyssey

That said, the Mamma Mia! star believes the texture that is exactly what makes the cottage cheese so desirable for her right now.

“I’d go through the organic stuff, which has a tanginess to it, which is great, but now I’m just going for the Breakstone’s,” she explained. “It’s thick, the curds are large and dry. I’m a bit of a connoisseur now, I guess.”


Source: W Magazine


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