Which Grocery & Food Shopping App Do You Prefer? #POLL

It’s the 21st century and our lives may be lost somewhere in between the traffic signals and metro stations, but one cannot ignore the fact that they have become a lot easier in certain ways. Foodtech start-ups for instance. 15 years ago, who would have thought we’d have access to meals, food subscriptions and tiffin services all at the tap of a button? Not only have these facilities sorted the lives of terrible cooks, working people and busy bees, but have also eliminated the need to rely on instant noodles and Nutella for a majority portion of the week.

Moreover, thanks to the digitisation of pretty much everything, we now don’t even need to step out to buy our everyday food and groceries! Apps like Big Basket, Grofers, Local Banya and Peppertap do it for us and all we have to do is hit those magic buttons on our mobile screens. And while all these grocery apps are better than the other, we do have just one app installed on our smartphone. Which one do you have? Vote below!