Grill Away Your Woes At The Courtyard Grill, Courtyard Gurugram Downtown

Nestled in the swanky Marriott courtyard, The Courtyard Grill is the eatery NCR had been long waiting for. With a concept not seen or experienced before in the Capital, the restaurant brings along a breath of fresh air – drenched in the smoky aroma of grills – to the city.

Launched early last month, The Courtyard Grill packs an aesthetic punch with its bright and quirky yet calming ambience complete with a quaint bar and a live grill station, which is easily the Grill’s major attraction (especially if you’re into poultry and seafood). You can handpick your meats and the chef weighs it and goes on to prepare it for you live.the-courtyard-grill

Meanwhile, you are charged according to the weight and not a penny more. Vegetarians need not cringe for they too have a hoard of exciting and innovative dishes to look forward to. Oh and, did we tell you about their infused water? A popular concept but put brilliantly to use by the restaurant, the infused water acts as a palate cleanser between courses. And of course, there is the added fun of sipping on flavoured water!

Moreover, the space is not just for the food lover but also for the workaholic folk, who love themselves a good vibe while working. The place sports an uber swanky seating arrangement for the gizmo-clad people. You can work, knock back a pint, and if you feel like it then indulge in some grills as well. It does not get better than this!img_4297

Running under the expert eye of Chefs Saroj Kumar and Amit Dash, the restaurant takes the grill and live cooking experience to a whole new level. Non-vegetarians have a field day with their meats, while the vegetarians can go gaga over dishes that are not the regular paneer tikka or grilled potato. Take a look at what we had on our trip down to Downtown Gurugram.


What We Had:

Grilled Chicken Salad

A cold salad loaded with juicy chicken pieces lying atop a bed of dewy fresh lettuce. The light dressing boasted of a hint of vinegar, just about right to get our appetite reeling for more!img_4316


Fresh Tuna Salad

It wasn’t just tuna, it was an extra delicious extra succulent extra flavoursome imported Japanese tuna served with mixed salad leaves and a palatable dash of lime.img_4318


Chicken Picante

The chicken picante redefined stir fry. The dish was a decadent mix of shredded grilled chicken, mixed peppers, and finely sliced onion tossed on a high flame that gave it a beautiful smoky taste.


Chili Pounded Lamb

A fancier version of the lamb seekh, the chili pounded lamb was what fantasies are made of. Made with all freshly prepared ingredients, the kebab was a finely minced lamb preparation that brought out the flavor of every single component. Especially the meat. Served with a side of onions in curd and a mint-coriander chutney, this one was absolutely delish!img_4321


Chili Garlic Grilled Chicken

No, it was not tandoori chicken. The process of preparing it may have paralleled that of a tandoori chicken, but the taste was severely different – and amazing. Served with piping hot lachha paratha, and two kinds of chutneys, the chili garlic chicken brought about a desi flavor to the spread, and our palates couldn’t be happier!img_4325


Western Style Grilled Jumbo Prawn

The sight of this plated wonder got our drool glands working in overdrive. Two jumbo prawns sitting royally on a platter can do that to anyone. Chef Saroj revealed that the shellfish were marinated in garlic and white wine, and that was all it took to give it the unforgettably awesome flavor. The prawns came with a side of grilled potatoes, asparagus, and butter.img_4328


Pulled Jackfruit Cutlets

Listen up vegetarians, this is what we were referring to when we said “dishes that are not the regular paneer tikka or grilled potato”. The pulled jackfruit cutlets were a surprise package, as the first bite revealed a generous amount of molten cheese filling. The cutlet, which also came with lachha paratha and chutney, in itself, was nothing short of magical.


Dessert Platter

The platter came bejewelled (for the loss of a less ornate word) with a gleaming chocolate lemon tart, a chocolate fudge brownie, and a coconut crème brûlée. The tart was a delight to the palate with rich chocolate complimented by a strong kick of lemon, while the fudge brownie drizzled with chocolate sauce was a chocolate lover’s (me) delight. The crème brûlée was easily the best, and not just because of the gorgeous flambé that it sported, but simply owing to its delicious hint of coconut.


Simply Brilliant

So much food, not enough appetite. Majorly unfair. Also, it would be unfair not to point out the simplicity of it all. While the dishes were par excellence, the plating and presentation was classy and neat, not taking away even a percent of the spotlight from the dish. Simply brilliant!

In closing we’d like to add that The Courtyard Grill couldn’t have opened its gate at a better time – in a better weather – or with a yummier menu and concept to go with the ambience. You need to visit the restaurant if you’re craving for the perfectly charred grills and heady poisons to go with!


The Courtyard Grill

Courtyard Gurugram Downtown

Plot No B 27, Sector Road

Sushant Lok Phase I, Sector 27


0124 488 8444