Greenr Cafe Is A Paradise For Vegetarian Foodies

We had heard a lot of great reviews about Greenr Cafe so we obviously had to go check out what the brouhaha was all about! They recently opened a new outlet in Vasant Kunj giving us the perfect opportunity to visit. The cafe is essentially a plant-protein based cafe inspired by the California vegetarian cuisine. You’ll find a lot of shroom balls, sweet potatoes, tofu Amarnath and hemp root dishes on the menu.

We started our meal with the Platter which had 4 of their in-house dips (Mango Habanero sauce, Orange Tahini Sauce, Smoky Chipotle Sauce and Mint crushed peas) served with Cassava Root fries and Baked Sweet Potato Wedges. We then tried their Open Rice Burger which was a unique and great option for those who want to avoid the extra carbs of the buns. The shroomball patty was served on a bed of brown rice instead! We also tried their famous Earth Bowl (Austin Jackfruit) which was completely gluten-free and loaded with pineapples. We absolutely loved the food.

We paired the food with Ginger Ale which they ferment in-house and the Psychedelic Purple Smoothie made with almond milk, beetroot & carrot juice, banana, raspberries, hemp protein, vanilla, nutmeg, figs and peanut butter. The overall vibe and ambience of this place is extremely homely and ‘green’. You can head over here for a quick meal or a smoothie-break and we guarantee you that you’ll fall in love with the place! Check out the live experience of our visit here.

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