Green House Kitchen In Amsterdam Wants You To Get Stoned Before You Eat

Cooking with marijuana or using the “herb” for medicinal purposes may be all known uses of the plant (apart from the obvious), but this new restaurant in Amsterdam has taken the drug up a notch.


Green House Effect

Green House Kitchen in Amsterdam, Netherlands encourages guests to get high before they come to the restaurant. The place also provides vaporisers to diners at every table to smoke up herbs like rosemary and lavender (alongside their own strains of weed bought from home) that supposedly go with menu items.

The idea might sound like one that offers an unmatched dining experience but the fact can’t go unnoticed that customers high on marijuana will order more food (because, munchies).ad_187335158

Not surprisingly though, the restaurant doesn’t have the authority to sell marijuana to people who wish to smoke up on the premises.


A Complete Experience

Owner Celester Roskam told Metro UK that vaping has made the restaurant possible, ‘”I just didn’t like the idea of everyone smoking inside.

“It really completed the healthy concept I had in mind. This way, we could also put spices on the table that really complement the meal when you vape them.”

The restaurant, Green House Kitchen, is a fancier extension of Green House, an Amsterdam “koffee shop” (or smokehouse), where customers can purchase “the goods” before heading next door to the restaurant.ad_187335155