Green Bananas Vs. Yellow Bananas

Have you ever wondered about the difference? Both are super healthy snacks for different reasons! The nutrient composition of a banana changes as it ages, so it’s ideal to include both types in your diet!⠀

Green Bananas

High resistant starch content and prebiotic gut bacteria ⠀
Lower sugar content & glycemic index which is beneficial for someone who is concerned about blood sugar control (eg. type 2 diabetes) ⠀
The high fibre content leads to feeling full for longer⠀
The resistant starch content may cause bloating as it’s more difficult to digest⠀
Lower antioxidant levels as they increase with age⠀

Yellow Bananas

Easier to digest as the majority of resistant starch is converted to sugar⠀
Higher levels of antioxidants⠀
Much sweeter and more versatile⠀
High GI in comparison⠀
Some micronutrient loss as the banana ages⠀