For Great Sushi And A Splendid Time Visit Pa Pa Ya At BKC

We peaked through the glass doors of Pa Pa Ya and were drawn to the sight of a full house on a Thursday evening. The comfortable lighting, luxury seating and of course the marvel of their kinetic ceiling at the bar set the mood for the meal ahead. We loved the vibe, the chatter of the diners and the latest tracks getting us tapping our feet as we waited for a delectable experience.

A Gourmet Experience

As soon as we were seated, we were served with a watermelon amuse bouche to cleanse our palate. We then sipped onto two lovely cocktails – Long Thailand Iced Tea and Asian Ria. The use of kumquats, bitters and lime with the white spirits is what sets apart this iced tea and we give it a big thumbs up. The second drink was a treat to the eyes as the Asian Ria was a gorgeous red wine sangria packed with flavours of orange, kafir lime, rosemary and thyme, awesomely refreshing. Our first appetizer were the Rock Shrimp Tempura with two kinds of marinades – Chinese Mustard Mayo with Wasabi and Toban-djan Chilli Mayo. The tempura with the mustard marinade had a kick to it while the one with Chilli Mayo had a creamier taste. We loved both of these as they were wiped clean in no time.

For Great Sushi And A Splendid Time Visit Pa Pa Ya At BKC

We brought out our chopsticks to binge on the Chicken Gyoza. These are nothing but dimsums with a delicious chicken and mushroom stuffing doused in a barbecue sauce and fried garlic. The soft covering and the intensity of flavours was evident in the dumpling. We thoroughly enjoyed these along with a crunch of the fried garlic. We moved to our third appetizer which was the Xinjang Lamb stir fried with cumin, chillies, onion and greens. It made for a delicious snack complete with an in-house sesame stick which was crunchy and a delight to eat along with the lamb.

Next we dived into an unmissable treat, the Twice Cooked Pork Belly which was an absolute smacker of a dish and not to be missed at Pa Pa Ya. We loved the play on flavours with the bell peppers, sundried chillies and shitake mushrooms not to forget the microgreen garnishing and the lovely glaze on the meat. Yum!

It’s Sushi Time

For Great Sushi And A Splendid Time Visit Pa Pa Ya At BKC

It was now time to sample the sushi at Pa Pa Ya so we held on to our chopsticks ready to tuck in. We were told that the best way to have sushi however is by picking it up with our hands, taking a pinch of wasabi on it and then dipping it in the soy just before gobbling it up. We enjoyed the sushi with and without the chopsticks and loved the flavours. The first one we tried was the Crispy Veg Maki with dehydrated spinach which is their version of the Futomaki roll. Lovely tempura fried vegetables along with the crunch of the spinach and fried garlic to balance out the slight bitterness that comes with the spinach. It’s definitely worth a try.

Next we tried their Carbon Sushi and to make this the rice had to be infused with squid ink which went well in contrast to the crispy rice balls that gave the dish a lovely colour. Speaking of taste, we loved the creamy sauce, the crunch of the rice balls and the lovely, fresh flavours of cucumber and avocado. We tried yet another modern sushi which was called, Layered Sushi Pizza Salmon Carpaccio. The sushi was constructed with a base of crispy corn tortilla, a layer of rice then a layer of raw salmon topped with spicy mayo and sundried tomato. This was absolutely delicious and perfect was those trying raw fish for the first time. The flavours take away the icky feeling that the first timers may get and the kick from the spicy mayo and a hint of sweet from the raisin-sized tomatoes are perfect to get you started with sushi.

Main Course At Pa Pa Ya

For Great Sushi And A Splendid Time Visit Pa Pa Ya At BKC

For the mains we were served a delicious spread of Lamb Rendang Curry with Parathas and Man Shuji with Fragrant Crispy Chilli Fried Rice. We loved the meat falling off the bone which had been slow cooked for hours making it a delicacy to savour. The thin, delicious parathas went very well with the meat. Man Shuji was packed with cashews, luscious gravy and delectable chunks of chicken that paired beautifully with the rice. We enjoyed our power-packed, flavourful meal with a drink called Shitake Happens. Not just playfully named but also playfully flavoured, this tequila based drink tasted amazing with the freshness of rosemary and citrus along with truffle oil and agave nectar giving it an elevated taste. Truly amazing!

Sweet Nothings

How did we go through this lavish meal with two whole desserts is a question even we’re asking ourselves. But truly, when a dish is delicious, you simply can’t resist its charm. And the desserts were no exceptions. The first one we had was a delicious, exceptionally soft and airy chocolate mousse spiked with Jack Daniels. To balance it out was a creamy matcha crème anglaise with cookie crumbs and a medley of blueberries, strawberries and cranberries. Oh so yum!

For Great Sushi And A Splendid Time Visit Pa Pa Ya At BKC

Next we enjoyed a lovely piece of Liquid Hazelnut Fondant Cake with a lovely caramel tower making it look beautiful on the plate. The matcha flavoured cake was soft and delicious, the caramel tower crispy and sweet. We delved into the blueberry sorbet that raised the dessert to another level. The lovely, fresh flavours of the fruit and the molten chocolate flavoured hazelnuts and of course, fresh berries made it a lot more delicious!

We had a gala time eating, eating and eating at Pa Pa Ya and needless to say we’re definitely heading back to try more of their food in the near future. We do hope that you do too!