10 Great Mexican Joints To Stop At In Chennai

We’ve said it time and time again, Chennai is a city that is much more accepting of different cuisines than people realize. Being adventurous when it comes to food is usually a risk that people don’t like to take, but when you’ve got a million options to use and follow, you can’t really turn away from them. Mexican food has been slowly working its way into our taste buds. To most, Mexican food means tacos and nachos, but there’s a lot more that the cuisine has to offer that people don’t know about and that includes quesadillas (the L’s are not pronounced, instead it sounds like a Y), guacamole, burritos, chimichangas (which you might have heard of if you’re a Deadpool fan) and so much more.

And strangely enough, there are quite a few restaurants in Chennai that have Mexican food on their menu. Plus, restaurants that are exclusively Mexican! To most Indians, Mexican food may not be that spicy, but it’s still quite the delicious treat. So here are some places in the city where you can get your hands and taste buds on some great Mexican food.

Una Mas Mexican Grill


One of two Nungambakkam Mexican restaurants, Una Mas has everything from the old faithful burgers to tacos (veg and non-veg), Mexican salads and even soup that you can choose from. And given that it’s a ‘grill’, they’ve obviously also got sizzlers on the menu and for all you Deadpool fans, make sure you try their Chimichangas.

Located in Nungambakkam | Cost for two: Rs. 700


Mexicano Griller


The other Nungambakkam joint has a delicious Mexican buffet spread that you can pick and choose from if you’re going there for lunch on a week day. Plus, they’ve got great dishes on their menu like pizza with a Mexican twist and add to the Italian food they’ve also got pasta and lasagna, all with a Mexican feel to it. And if none of these appeal to you, choose from their healthy salads for something different.

Located in Nungambakkam | Cost for two: Rs. 800




What makes Spoonbill stand out from the other restaurants in the city is that they have a long list of street food options from different parts of the world. Mexican street food is just one of the many options to choose from. Burritos and nachos is what you get to pick from, but they’re both great and filled to the brim with meat, so swing by!

Located on TTK Road, Alwarpet | Cost for two: Rs. 750




This international chain is known for their Tex-Mex cuisine – which comes from the border between Texas and Mexico – and you are guaranteed a really good time and a taste of everything Mexican when you visit. Check out our feature from last month when we stopped by Chili’s.

Located at Express Avenue, Royapettah | Cost for two: Rs. 1,700




In Spanish, ‘hola’ means ‘hello’, which is an appropriate name for a restaurant that serves Mexican food. This rooftop restaurant in Besant Nagar is mostly continental food, but they’ve got nachos, tacos and a Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pizza among other dishes to choose from.

Located in Besant Nagar | Cost for two: Rs. 1,200




This tiny joint has a little space to sit, but they advertise for their great home delivery. And you get to pick and choose from an Indian-Mexican combination of dishes like Chicken Keema Burrito and Chicken Tikka Quesadillas.

Located in Shenoy Nagar | Cost for two: Rs. 600


Don Pepe

Photo credit: Vidhya Chandrasekaran

One of the original Mexican restaurants in Chennai, Don Pepe has provided the masses with a taste of what Mexican food could taste like. Over the years, they’ve obviously improved, but they are still such a great source for delicious Mexican food.

Located in Gopalpuram | Cost for two: Rs.800




This pure vegetarian restaurant has a multitude of cuisines to choose from, and amidst all of that they’ve got Mexican food on the menu. Another joint with an Indian-Mexican combination, they’ve got Paneer Tikka Burrito and Cheese Mexican Fries you can give a try.

Located in Velachery | Cost for two: Rs. 850


M’BESSY Kitchen & Bar


This new restaurant in Adyar has lots to choose from and lots to salivate over and obviously along with the other cuisines, they’ve got Mexican-infused dishes to pick and choose from. If you’re feeling adventurous try the Popcorn Chicken Fritos Cilantro Mayo & Chipotle Salsa. Oh, and they’ve also got a great bar menu to go with your food.

Located in Adyar | Cost for two: Rs. 1,550


Saltlick by Gallop


If you’re willing to spend a little more money, you can visit Radisson Blu’s bar for some delicious food to go with the delicious cocktails and drinks on their menu. Choose from spicy quesadillas and Whisky BBQ Nachos.

Located at Radisson Blu, GST Road | Cost for two: Rs. 1,500 (with alcohol)