A Grand Experience At Fabelle’s First Chocolate Materclass In Mumbai With Billie McKay

Fabelle Exquisite Chocolate Boutique at ITC Maratha in Mumbai is a place where heavenly chocolate desserts are made. It is a haven for Master Chocolatier Bhumika who was took the stage with the winner of MasterChef Australia Winner of 2015 – Billie McKay

Société de Chocolat Masterclass

Fabelle sources its cocoa from the largest producers like Ivory Coast and Ghana plus the chocolate is made to a finesse with which it simply melts in your mouth. The desserts created in the various boutiques across India are spectacular and full of theatre. Watching and hearing stories about chocolates and the making of these desserts, the chocolatier at Fabelle have had numerous customers who expressed the need for more knowledge on the topic and thus laid the foundation of Société de Chocolat at Fabelle.

A Grand Experience At Fabelle’s First Chocolate Materclass In Mumbai With Billie McKay

The first Masterclass held in Mumbai was on 15th November with the dessert queen Billie McKay and Chef Bhumika who explained in depth about sourcing and processing of chocolates. They also talked about fine and exquisite chocolate making in India and showed the audience how to temper chocolate.

We paired Madagascar chocolate with Jasmine Tea which opened new gates to the thought of chocolate pairing. Billie shared her experience at MasterChef and showed everyone the making of Lamington – a famous, traditional Australian dessert. The audience were also given the ready material to plate up a Lamington so as to get a hands-on at the dessert. It was exciting, messy and a whole lot of fun. We loved the chocolate masterclass and would be glad to be on another one with Fabelle as well as recommend the same to every one of you. Below is our exclusive interview with Billie McKay where she shares stories and talks about her love for chocolate.