Grabstr Helps You Find Restaurant Deals, Offers And Events In Mumbai!  

You know that feeling when you’re reading the paper’s events section when you stumble upon the fact that your favourite restaurant is having extended happy hours? Or offering a buy one get one free deal on all items on the menu? Yes, it’s like a food jackpot. 











What if you could get that feeling all day, every day? Enter Grabstr, an app which sifts through all the restaurants in Mumbai and finds out who’s having a deal, an exciting offer and who’s holding a unique event.



















The app detects your location and tells you about offers in your area. It also updates every twenty four hours so you have new offers to choose from every day.

Simply download the app from Google Play (it’ll soon be available for iPhones too) and get searching. Don’t blame us if you’re out every night thanks to it.