Grab A Quick Healthy Bite With The New Superfood Menu At The Daily Bar And Kitchen

Eating healthy is not just a passing trend but people being conscious about their health has started to develop into a lifestyle. Not only do we think it is a good thing, we’re also happy that many restaurants across Mumbai are attempting to bring in nutritious food. The Daily Bar And Kitchen that not only believes in good food, music and ambience but also in doing good deeds like donating food, has recently launched its new superfoods menu. We tried it out and simply loved it.

Delectable Superfoods At The Daily

We started off the healthy eats at The Daily Bar And Kitchen with a lovely and refreshing Very Berry Smoothie Bowl. It was made with pureed mulberry, blueberry, strawberry & hung curd topped with malta orange, papaya, granola and watermelon seeds. It was easy to eat, light on the stomach and satiating all at the same time. What we liked the most was the mention of calories in each dish on this particular menu. Apt for those on a fitness regime.

Next healthy meal on the menu was a creative Activated Charcoal Idli with Beetroot and Coconut Chutney. The idli itself had chopped beans inside it and has a jet black colour. Taste is quite unlike the regular idli but is nice and delicious. It goes amazing well with the beetroot chutney. We also tried their Surf N Turf which is a bowl of black rice with low fat bacon, shrimp and topped with a sunny side up. With burst of delish flavours, this healthy bowl is simply awesome for those who enjoy a little seafood.

Grab A Quick Healthy Bite With The New Superfood Menu At The Daily Bar And Kitchen

When it comes to superfoods and healthy eats one simply can’t ignore salads. We tried the Black Quinoa Chickpea Salad and Supergrain Pasta Salad at The Daily Bar and Kitchen. The quinoa salad had chickpea, orange segments, snap peas, pomegranate, dried cranberries, mint, pumpkin seeds and refreshing orange tahini vinaigrette. The taste was absolutely amazing and we’d love a bowl of this every day, gladly! The pasta salad too was equally good and was made up of gluten free pasta, broccoli,cherry tomatoes, pickles, toasted walnuts, basil and maringa tapenade and bocconcini.

The food was a refreshing change and healthy eating has never been this delicious. We’re glad this trend is setting in and are happier still that places like The Daily Bar & Kitchen are doing a great job with healthy meals. Do try their superfoods menu and we’re sure, you won’t be disappointed.