Govt Promoted Khichdi As Brand India Food At World Food India Conference

Indian Government has reportedly promoted the staple food India, Khichdi as a brand food for the country at a global platform. According to VOA News, the government in doing so has broken the spicy food identity of the country which is known for spicy curries and kebabs.

Promoting Khichdi As Health Food

Made by the efforts of renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his team, the 918 kilograms of Khichdi entered the Guinness Book of World Records. The dish is a traditional, easy to make delicacy which has been passed down from generations with regions having their own versions.

Chef Harpal Singh was heard saying that Khichdi is a royal dish and belongs to the kitchens of former palaces as well as common households. “If paella from Spain can be global then why not ‘khichdi’? This has health benefits, it has wellness, it is a detox food, it is a royal food. It deserves a global platform and recognition,” he said in an interview with VOA News.

Speaking on the versatility of Khichdi, Chef Imtiaz Qureshi told the channel, “Khichdi can be made with mutton, fish, chicken. You can also add whatever vegetables you like, Indian or Western, from broccoli to zucchini to capsicum.”

Khichdi has clearly rocked the world and if you’re craving some right now, we have just the right recipes in store for you.