Government Creates Guidelines For Organising Food Festivals

Food festivals are a massive part of the way our food culture is celebrated in India. Hence, the government has framed some guidelines for organising safe and hygienic food festivals.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma said that the guidelines for declaration of clean street food hubs had been framed, including for upgrading the infrastructure of existing food streets of the country, to popularise and promote local and regional cuisines.

“The government is aware that India has a rich culinary heritage. Almost all states have their unique recipes.

Most of our traditional food items have evolved over centuries. Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India,” he added.

“Traditional foods are often based on a holistic approach to nutrition, as required by local people. Such food is prepared with locally available ingredients and found to have its own therapeutic and nutritional benefits,” he mentioned.