Gourmet Food With A Healthy Twist – A Masterclass With Sonal Ved At Foodhall Mumbai

When it comes to food, people love to opt for the delicious, culinary delicacies but more often than not, it misses the health factor. What if you could put a healthy spin on gourmet dishes?

How Is That Possible?

Health does not necessarily mean boring bland food, in fact it is the exact the opposite. “Healthy dishes are almost always more delicious than not-so-healthy ones. Usage of little or zero artificial flavours and ingredients makes any dish shine through.” says Sonal Ved, a food writer and host for the master class.

An absolutely spectacular range of recipes curated by Sonal are sure to tantalise you. Get ready as she cooks up a storm with the following delicacies:-

  • Almond flour and coconut-ey lemon bliss balls
  • Beetroot and quinoa flour pizza with roasted mushroom and basil pesto
  • Persian style dried rose petal, lemon peel and cranberry yogurt dip
  • Black rice pudding with mango and cinnamon-yogurt wisp

Who’s Behind The Awesomeness?

Foodhall is a premium lifestyle food superstore that takes care of all your ingredient needs as you prepare to create delicious food. They organise food workshop and call upon the best in the industry like Nitin Chordia who conducted an amazing chocolate workshop last week. So what inspired them to conduct these classes?

“At Foodhall, we believe in creating experiences for the customer. Our in-house brands Traditions by Foodhall, ARQA and Foodhall specials offer a variety of rare products. Our customers usually come up and ask for ways and methods on how to use these products. Therefore, we regularly host masterclasses in order to engage with the customers and educate them about a particular cuisine or ingredient.” said Swasti Aggarwal, Food Strategist at Foodhall.

When And Where Is It?

Date: Saturday, 15th July, 2017

Location: Foodhall, Palladium Mall, Level 3.

Time: 3: 00 pm – 4.30 pm

For Registrations call: 022 3026 4581