GOT’s “Mountain” Thor Björnsson Reveals His 10,000 Calorie (A Day) Diet

Remember Gregor Clegan, a.k.a., ‘The Mountain That Rides’ from Game Of Thrones? Yeah, the fiery and horrifically scary head of House Clegane. For those who have absolutely no idea, the guy is huge. Like 7 feet tall and 180kg heft huge. What about him, you ask? Well, the guy recently shared his secret to being mountainous. And believe you me; Dwayne Johnson’s diet seems normal in comparison!TB-3-2

Formally known as Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, Thor is an Icelandic professional strongman and began his sports career as a basketball player. Wow, shocking. It’d be super cool to be on his team though!


The Diet

Anywho, the 27-year-old colossal man is currently prepping for the 2016 World’s Strongest Man Competition and here’s what he’s been eating.

Now, if you take the help of a calories chart and a calculator, it won’t take rocket science to sum up his daily calories consumption, which orbits around a whopping 10,000! But if you’ve got personal records that include bench pressing 230 kg, deadlifting 450 kg and log-pressing 192.5 kg, the diet is not the only overwhelming part. And also because, this:anigif_enhanced-29960-1461696623-3


So now there’s one more guy whom I must never cross ways with.