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Goth Is The New Rainbow In The Latest Food Trend


We’ve been inundated with rainbow food for so much of 2016, it’s becoming something of a terrible trend. Every food item we’ve seen so far has been turned into a rainbow. Rainbow bagels, rainbow sushi, rainbow everything really. It’s gotten a little intense and maybe things have gone too far, but don’t worry, there’s a new food trend that’s taking over New York and Instagram in the process.

Black Tap (remember the Freakshakes? Yeah, them!) and The Bagel Store (the infamous rainbow bagel came from them) have created the Goth Bagel Burger. This delicious bagel burger is made up of a beautiful black and white swirled bagel using black seasame seeds, black sea salt, truffle essence and pepper.

Now that we’ve got the bagel out of the way, let’s talk about the bagel burger. Inside is a beef patty topped with bacon, egg, cheese and truffle mayo. Thus presenting the Goth Bagel Burger.

Unfortunately, the bagel burger was only available this past weekend, so if you’re reading this today, then you’ve missed out on your chance. But this might just be a new food trend that we can get behind. Enough of the galaxy cakes and the rainbow food, give us something with a little more character!