A Gorgeous Al Fresco Café Is Giving A Delectable Experience To Central Mumbai

A Gorgeous Al Fresco Café Is Giving A Delectable Experience To Central Mumbai

With an ample space, gorgeous décor complete with canopies, fairy lights and soulful music, Hrezzo is a new al fresco café in Mumbai that’s giving Vidyavihar a whole new food experience. Not only are they offering a rejuvenating outdoor café experience but also have dining area and a lovely banquet hall to suit your needs and the occasion.

Our Experience At Hrezzo

We experienced that the mood of the café was relaxed, soothing and away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Plus the eats were quite a delight with an inclusion of Indian favourites to continental delicacies. We started off the evening with a delicious Lemak Laksa Soup which had amazing flavours to it plus, it was vegan. We enjoyed it with an Avocado Chilly Cheese Focaccia. The focaccia was well done and was topped with generous helping of melted cheese with bouts of flavours of avocado and chilli.

We tried the Balinese BBQ Paneer for our first starter and it was truly sumptuous. Soft, melt in the mouth paneer tossed in a delicious barbecue sauce and bell peppers is something you must try at Hrezzo. Next we tried the Stir Fried Lotus Stems and these were everything you expect from them. Crispy, flavourful, a gentle kick of spice to be dipped in a delicious plum sauce the perfectly balances it out. Really delicious.

For the drinks we tried Peru Masti and Double Decker. Peru Masti was a guava based drink in a glass rimmed with the chilli masala we’re so used to seeing become synonymous with the fruit as we grew up. It was a perfect beverage to not only cleanse your palette but give your taste buds a fun, refreshing kick. The double decker was a fully loaded chocolate treat with brownie bits, chocolate chips, all topped with a chocobar icecream!

The mains we ordered were Chole Mar Bheje Mein from their Budha Bowl section and we were told that this was an authentic Delhi-style dish. How true, because the Chole had all the amazing spices in it that play on your taste buds but don’t leave you yearning for a sip of water either. Along with the chickpeas were kulchas, masala onions, roasted papad plus a salad of pickled and julienned beetroot and carrot. Overall food experience was really amazing at Hrezzo and we do recommend that you do visit it soon to savour delicious food and enjoy a rejuvenating experience.


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