Gorge On The Sumptuous North Indian Treats At Charcoal Eats Mumbai

Gorge On The Sumptuous North Indian Treats At Charcoal Eats Mumbai

There’s nothing quite like the zaika (flavour) of a steaming hot biryani or a sizzling, juicy chicken roll right? Now devour these delectable treats at the many outlets of Charcoal Eats in Mumbai. We recently tried some of their delicious food at the Dadar outlet and had a great experience. Read on to find out what we tried and all about the lovely flavours.

Awadhi Feels At Charcoal Eats

There are many places in Mumbai that boast of a good chicken biryani but not all deliver as they promise. We tried the Awadhi Biryani at Charcoal Eats and loved it to bits. The chicken pieces were juicy, the spice levels on point and it was quite tasty. We also enjoyed it with some curd mixed with their raita mix. This elevated the taste of the biryani making it a lovely dish.

All their dishes come in takeaway boxes and can be home delivered. While the biryani is a good option on a rainy day, we would also recommend ordering their Chicken Seekh Kebab Roll with aioli and harissa. The best part about the roll apart from the flavourful seekh of course was that it was wrapped in a Malabari paratha. The sauces were really good and are made in-house with the help of their executive chef.

The staff highly recommended their pizza squares and we ordered the Peri Peri Pizza. What’s unique about their pizza squares is that it’s a light, yummy snack instead of a loaded cheesy pizza. The crispy, crunchy puff pastry crust makes it a different experience altogether making it a lovely tea time snack!

Last but not the least we had their delicious Strawberry Soufflé which was refreshing, light and creamy. It cleansed our palate and gave us the warm, fuzzy feeling one gets after having a satiating meal. And that completed our visit to Charcoal Eats. Do visit your nearest outlet and pick up a roll or simply hit them up to order their delicacies at the comfort of your home.