Gorge On Sumptuous Seafood And More At Bombay Vintage

Gorge On Sumptuous Seafood And More At Bombay Vintage

Yep, it holds true to its name and stands for all things vintage in Mumbai; be it the artwork depicting the old city scenes, vibrant colours showing the retro edge of the city or the ‘Yeh Hai Bambai Meri Jaan’ playing in the background making one sing along. Come to Bombay Vintage for a truly ‘bambaiya’ experience that’s unmatched and the food, so good you’ll want to come back within a week.

The Bombay Vintage Food Experience

Our food experience began with Beetroot Tikki and Bohri Smoked Mutton Samosa. The beetroot tikki was melt-in-the-mouth soft, light to eat and really tasty. We couldn’t resist helping ourselves for seconds as loved these cutlets with a delicious green chutney.

‘Oh, wow,’ were the exact words that popped out of my mouth when I took a bite of the mutton samosas. Also very light with a sumptuous mutton samosas were a hit and we’d highly recommend both these appetizers at Bombay Vintage. Big win!

We’re in high praise and in complete awe for their Crab Ghee Roast served with delicate neer dosas. The combination of the deshelled roast with the neer dosas are a match made in heaven while the roast itself wows you with its in-depth flavours and made the crab more than just another seafood dish. We mopped it up, ghee and all plus came back to Bombay Vintage and ordered the dish not a week after the review, it was that awesome. Need we say more?

Not only their appetizers but even the meals at Bombay Vintage slay you with their sheer perfection. The preparation of every dish and each flavour speaks highly of itself. Truly, fine cooking!

We tried their delish seafood thali and again, it didn’t fail to amaze us. The crispy golden puris with pomfret curry was genius plus the little touches like the kairi with red chilli masala, farsan, salty fish and green chilli pickle were all too good. The bombil fry on the side was not at all oily and light and crispy to eat. The prawn masala was flavourful and went great with the puris plus the vegetable preparation was light and tasted great with rice. The thali also had dudhi halwa and sol kadi both of them making the thali a complete and wholesome experience.

We finished off our hearty meal at Bombay Vintage with a delish Tomato Halwa and vanilla ice-cream topped with toasted cashews. It cleansed our palate and was the perfect end we needed for a lovely meal. Do visit Bombay Vintage soon and tell us our experience in the comments below. We’re eager to hear you!