Mushroom 101 By Gordon Ramsay

What’s the first image that pops when you hear ‘mushroom’? A brown cap with a thick stem, right? And if you’re a bit more read about mushrooms, you might just roll the word ‘shiitake’ in your mouth while a flappy mushroom floats in your head. Truth is, the there is much more to the edible fungus than just these to imageries.

Gordon Ramsay and London-based Borough Market’s mushroom expert Fred Foster take you through the various varieties of mushroom. Ramsay believes that with 20 years of experience with the ingredient, the green grocer could easily write an entire encyclopedia on the same.

So if Gordon Ramsay approves it, we have no reason to doubt Fred Foster. From the wild Morel to a delicious chanterelle, the duo walk you through a variety of mushrooms and how to eat, prepare and store them. Watch and learn.