Gordon Ramsay’s Guide To A Well-Equipped Kitchen

One of the things about referring to cooking tips or recipes online – especially by ace chefs – is that more often than not they’ll be measuring their ingredients on a fancy scale and you’ll stand wondering whether you coffee mug is a 250 milliliters or not. Basically, you won’t have the right equipment.

And it isn’t just about following recipe videos or tutorials. Generally, it pays off to have a well-equipped space. So whether you’re looking to revamping your kitchen or setting up a new one, it always helps to have someone guide you on what to buy. And who better than the Masterchef Gordon Ramsay himself to guide you through?

The celebrity chef uploaded a detailed video on his channel this week explaining the what’s what of the kitchen. Ramsay walks you through the pros and cons of every essential and explains why you absolutely need all that paraphernalia. Watch this video and make you list of ‘thing to buy for the kitchen’.