Gordon Ramsay Threw Major Shade At This School Lunch & The Internet Is Not Happy!

Gordon Ramsay has recently added a new feather to his already loaded cap – the master chef is now also a master troll. The chef has recently garnered a lot of attention for his acid-tongued tweets that throw shade (read, verbally destroy) at Twitter users asking for his opinion on their respective food pictures. However, his most recent shade throwing has made his followers a tad unhappy. Here’s what happened:

A Twitter user called @punknoelle tagged the chef in an image with the caption, “this was my school lunch a couple weeks ago. it’s suppose to be cheese filled breadstick.” The image was that of a popular American dish usually served in school cafeterias – the cheesy bread.

Staying true to his curt, Gordon Ramsay replied by simply saying, “change schools”.

Unlike the rest of his tweets that have people in splits, Twitteratis were not too thrilled about the reaction Ramsay gave. Tweeters were quick to reply and defend the popular snack, which is one of the most loved things served in American school canteens. Take a look at what Twitter had to say:


And while we can understand why Ramsay may have poured his acid all over the cheese bread because it’s not exactly the food photograph of the year and neither is the roll the prettiest ones we’ve seen. That said, nothing much can go wrong or can be said ill of the bread and cheese combo, amirite?