Gordon Ramsay Receives Flak For Talking About Cocaine In The Food Industry

Chef Gordon Ramsay recently released a documentary film, which was an exposé of sorts, talking about his tryst with drugs – especially cocaine – in the restaurants industry. And according to Ramsay, when it comes to the class A drug, it’s everywhere in the industry and is “spiraling out of control”.


Who’s Right?

The Kitchen Nightmares host closely studies the drug in his documentary that covers everything right from its point of manufacture in Columbia. Needless to say, the docuseries has received a lot of positive feedback for bringing such an important issue to light. However, popular British chef, Neil Rankin, subscribes to a different school of thought.

Rankin took to Facebook to lash out at Ramsay. The post, which has garnered quite a few likes and shares on the social media platform, calls out Ramsay for making the job “unappealing”, as for years employees were mistreated and overworked, likely leading to the very drug use he’s now speaking out against.

“Try doing something positive rather than criticising crap restaurants on tv, glorifying Kitchen abuse, telling chefs today they have to work the stupid hours that you did (and probably hated) and now saying everyone’s on drugs”, Rankin wrote in his rather strongly worded Facebook post that probably gave the shrewd MasterChef a taste of his own medicine. Read the full post below.

What do you think? Is Ranking right or did Ramsay really do us all a service by shining the spotlight on the issue? Watch


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