Gordon Ramsay Questioned On Social Media For Promoting The “Worst Beer In The World”

Chef, restaurateur, and TV host Gordon Ramsay has been known for haranguing contestants on his show and people who ask for his advice on their cooking skills with much verbal gusto. Something that although is a USP for his image, is not appreciated by all. However, this week Ramsay apparently got a taste of his own medicine when people on social media called him out for promoting a beer that can only be described as “bland” and “terrible” according to them.


“Bloody Fresh”

In the beer commercial, the chef along with two of his companions can be seen enjoying local Korean food, which he then washes down with ‘Cass’, which he thinks is some “great beer”. For the uninitiated, Cass is a popular Korean beer that is widely sold in the country albeit much ridicule.

Social media was quick to call out Ramsay’s poor choice of beer, pointing out the hypocrisy of it all. But Ramsay, who found the beer to be “bloody fresh”, defended the brew saying: “I have fallen in love with Korean food, and it doesn’t need to have an over-sophisticated, slightly unique beer that costs a fortune”.


Is He A Sell Out?

While the outburst against the ad may have painted Gordon as bit of a sell out, the chef stood his ground and affirmed that the ad did not embarrass him as Cass is “the beer of the people”. Moreover, he said in an interview that he used to have the beer way before he was signed on as its brand ambassador.

“[Cass is] something I drank before the call [for the endorsement] came in,” he said. “When I have Korean food, I don’t look for a wine list with the most expensive beer to go with it. I want a beer that’s easy, fresh, and something I can drink without having to show off. I think that was the important thing.”

Korean beer, in general, is touted as one with a lot of fizz but little flavor as a result of low malt content. That said, since we personally haven’t had a chance to sip on Cass (or any other local Korean beer for that matter), we would like to believe that a chef of Ramsay’s stature wouldn’t abuse his popularity and put his credibility at risk by having his face across the campaign of a bad beer brand.



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