Did Gordon Ramsay Just Compare Priyanka Chopra’s Cooking To Dog Food?


Chef Gordon Ramsay is known far and wide for his acidic tongue and explosive vocabulary. No one, not even the Twitterati, have been spared when it comes to giving his brutally honest comments on food. But while he had kept his thoughts on food cooked by others limited to contestants on his various shows and people who actually asked for it that may have changed with a new video that has been uploaded on YouTube.

The two minute long video, which is a snippet of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, features Andy Cohen requesting Ramsay to impart some of his interesting commentary on foods cooked by some, well, known personalities. Here’s the fun part though, the chef first gives the comment and is then told who made that particular preparation. But does that stop him from being any less ruthless on the food? Heck, no!

The slideshow features quite some okay and some even good-looking preparations, but Ramsay won’t have any of those Instagram filters as he went straight ahead and slammed each and every dish, one of which even belonged to cooking expert Martha Stewart! But the meanest of all had to be the chef’s take on actress Priyanka Chopra’s chicken soup and khichdi. And these were his exact words: “It looks like a dog’s dinner”. Ouch.

To be fair, PeeCee’s food wasn’t even plated, there were just two stacked plastic containers holding the food. How do you even judge that?! Here’s the image. And honestly, we don’t blame Gordon for mistaking it for dog food. Because, plastic containers!

Did Gordon Ramsay Just Compare Priyanka Chopra's Cooking To Dog Food?Image: YouTube | Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen


And in the poor khichdi’s defence, may we just add that Kaley Cuoco approves of it (with a glass of wine, of course)! To find out more about how Ramsay burnt each and every celebrity-cooked food, watch the full video below.


Feature Image: Huffington Post Canada