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Ice Cream

Goodbye Waffle Cones, Hello Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Cones


Remember the doughnut ice cream cone mash-up? The creators of that at Cow Tipping Creamery in Austin, Texas have a new ice cream food invention that is going to confuse you and blow your mind at the same time.

Inspired by cones that the owners – Tim and Corey Sorenson – ate at Chinatown in San Francisco, the waffle cones are made with an egg-based batter which puffs up using the special waffle cone maker. Once baked and formed into a cone, it’s piled with ice cream and other delicious concoctions and served.

They’re available only for a special period (this week!) and they even have a bubble cone stacker special that comes with either chocolate, vanilla or matcha ice cream which is then topped with toasted coconut dust and sesame seeds, cornflake crumbs, and drenched in white chocolate sauce.

And just in case you’re wondering, there’s more than one way to enjoy this cone. One, like a regular ice cream cone, you just mind need both hands for this one. Two, tearing and dipping the excess pieces of the cone into the ice cream fillings.

And no, they’re not the only ones making this infamous bubble waffle cones. MilkCraft in Connecticut has also introduced this into their menu calling it “Hong-Kong Inspired” Bubble Cones. So if you’re not in Texas, but close to Fairfield, you know what you need to get your hands on.