Good Or Bad: The Revolutionary Wine Condom #POLL

First we had the food that resembled a form of contraception and now we have contraception that tastes like alcohol. What is the world coming to? In two words – wine condoms. And picture what you may, but wine condoms are nothing like what your brain is suggesting right now.

This interesting new product on the Internet looks exactly like the contraceptive but serves a completely different kind of purpose, that is preventing the wine from spilling (for the lack of a better word) or storing away the bottle without letting the wine go bad. Creator Mitchell Strahan got the idea for the wine condoms when he noticed that his mother used an aluminum foil to preserve a half-drank bottle of wine. That method, though doable, does have its flaws like air holes. Meanwhile, the foolproof wine stoppers or corks are cumbersome and can make your bottle too tall to fit in the fridge. Hence, wine condoms.

As mentioned before, the wine contraceptive are exactly like regular condoms, which means they are easy to carry around, store, and use. Or as their product description says, they can “stow comfortably in your pocket.

You can grab a box of the new-age wine stoppers for just $14 on Amazon. Wow, 2016 really is the future. So, what do you think about these wine condoms? Good or bad? Vote below!

Feature Image: Amazon