Good or Bad: This Restaurant That Live Broadcasts Your Meals #POLL

Social media has taken over all major aspects of our life. In fact, unless we share our day’s activities on (at least) our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram handles, our day is not complete. Especially when it comes to food and fashion, our #OOTD and #foodgram is always up to date. Speaking of, thanks to Facebook’s live streaming feature, we don’t even have to wait till we finish our meal to upload our feats. But hear this: a restaurant in Brooklyn has taken the live sharing phenomena up a notch by live-streaming its patron’s dining experiences.

Aptly named Live On Air Brooklyn, the restaurant serves up “American fare with a Southern flair” and broadcasts the prepping, cooking, serving, and ingesting of that food live on Facebook and Periscope, reports Buzz60. So how does it work?

The establishment has installed 15 cameras in the dining area alone, with more in the back capturing the chefs and servers going on about with their cooking business. And if you still haven’t had enough social media attention with all the cameras pointed at you, you can go on and stand on a televised stage with your waiter post meal. No, you don’t have to put up a performance, but you can share your dining experience with all the watchers. Live.

Okay, the introvert inside me just fainted a little. But what do you think of the concept? Is it good or bad? Vote below and let us know!