May 16, 2018
Christina George (1035 articles)

Golden Oreo O’s Cereal Are About To Be Your Favorite Breakfast

When Oreo O’s came back in 2017 after being out of commision for 10 years they changed the cereal game! Now, the cereal upheaval continues, because rumour has it, that Golden Oreo O’s exist, and it’s safe to say that people are pretty excited.

Instagram account @junkbanter has reported that Golden Oreo O’s will be sold at Walmart starting next month and other stores after a few months. According to the review, they’re not as good as the original but they’re still pretty good. So keep on the lookout post-May to try out the Oreo O’s.

I mean, cookie-flavored cereal, look out world, because the future is here and now!

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Christina George

Christina George


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