Gokul Bar In Mumbai To Have A Sister Eatery Next To It

Gokul Bar In Mumbai To Have A Sister Eatery Next To It

We all know the famous Gokul which is a restaurant and bar plus a local ‘adda’ to many in the city. With reasonable booze, constant chatter and the dim lit shady bar ambience has its own charm and most of us has been there at least once. The Mumbai Live has reported that Gokul is now going to have a sister eatery and we think it’s wonderful.

Welcome Gokul9

We’re not sure by the reports that if the famous Gokul Bites, which serves delicious rolls currently is going to be brought down to cater to the new eatery or not. But according to the report by Mumbai Live, the new sister eatery to Gokul called Gokul9 is surely coming up soon. The eatery will be serving a variety of food that Mumbai is famous for like Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav, Sandwiches and even South Indian snacks along with juices, pizzas and burgers.

That’s sounds like a good news since everyone had the limited choices of the rolls at Gokul Bites or Bademiyas and Baghdadi famous for its meaty fare.

Feature Image: Local Press


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