February 10, 2018
Christina George (1035 articles)

Goa CM Manohar Parrikar Says He ‘Fears Even Women Are Drinking Beer Now’ Twitter Erupts

When one heads to Goa, usually the first thing you think about is downing a nice cold beer by the beach. However, if you’re a woman, this act is taboo to CM Manohar Parrikar. He recently made headlines for comments he made in Panaji about women drinking beer.

“I have begun to fear now, because even girls have started drinking beer. The tolerance limit is being crossed,” Parrikar said in Panaji on Friday, addressing the state youth parliament.

However, women on Twitter weren’t going to take his gender biased comment lying down so now Twitter is filled with the hashtag #womenwhodrinkbeer. Some even going as far as to raise a glass to the ex-defense minister himself.

Oh my, looks like these beer drinkers are unbeerable when their hops are threatened.

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Christina George

Christina George


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