Go Organic With Luke’s Farmers Market at Reset Gym

Planning to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but not sure where to start? Luke Coutinho brings to you a Farmer’s market, a one-stop destination for all your health requirements. Luke’s farmers market offers a variety of unique, fresh and indigenous produce right from fruits and veggies to food and chemical-free cosmetics, beverages and lots more.

The farmers market aims at resetting the food chain and building a sustainable ecosystem across India by encouraging Farmer’s to showcase their fresh, seasonal, local, Chemical free and honest produce without the involvement of any middleman (fair-trade) so it’s literally farm-to-table!

Go Organic With Luke's Farmers Market at Reset Gym

A farmer’s market is a fantastic way to learn about where your food comes from and the people who grow them. Come and connect with farmers, shop for a variety of items that are natural and chemical free, meet specialty food makers and artisans, relish healthy treats as you enjoy live music, capoeira performance and build a community of Holistic living. Enjoy an exciting evening out and Shop from a variety of Organic fruits and vegetables, A2 Milk and Milk Products, Chemical Free Grains, Lentils, Pulses and Oils, Healthy Snacks, desserts and drinks, and Chemical free skin, beauty and body care.

Date: Saturday, June 08th, 2019

Venue: RESET, Siam House, 1/21, 3rd Floor, Sri Ramana Maharshi Rd, Raj Mahal Vilas, Extn, Sadashiva Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560080

Time: 4 PM to 9 PM