Go On A Smoothie Cleanse This Monsoon With A Rainbow Of Drinks From Drunken Monkey

Looking out at a stuffy and supremely humid monsoon afternoon in Delhi, we can only imagine the wonders that a light summer breeze would do right now. That said, we’re far from missing that rejuvenating breeze because we’re currently enjoying spring on our palate and in our souls with a refreshing ‘Natural High’, courtesy the Drunken Monkey.


What’s The Monkey Drunk On?

India’s first smoothie bar chain with outlets in major cities like Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Vijayawada, Indore, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Guntur, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Surat, Thane, Vellore, and Kakinada, the Drunken Monkey specializes in fresh fruit drinks in over 170 unique combinations.

Whether you’re a mango maniac or an avocado aficionado, this smoothie bar is not going to let you go home empty stomach. The menu that boasts of drinks like protein smoothies, meal smoothies, and veggie smoothies among others is also an ideal destination for folks looking for nutritious and sumptuous yet tasty options as well as corporate drones who like their meals mobile and hassle-free.

“I wanted to do to smoothies what Starbucks did to coffee. The new generation, the millennials want to be catered to and are more willing than ever to experiment with new brands. People want a space to create meaningful social connections without restricting themselves to the regular coffee and chai outlets. Smoothies are the new social lubricant in town”, says Samrat Reddy, Founder and Managing Director, Drunken Monkey.Go On A Smoothie Cleanse This Monsoon With A Rainbow Of Drinks From Drunken Monkey


We Tried It!

Part-time health-conscious but full-time food and drink lovers, we tried the Drunken Monkey range for ourselves. And we’re floored, to say the least. We tasted six out of the bazillion fruit drinks on the menu and here are our thoughts.

Watermelon Magic – Take a bowlful of fresh watermelons and blend it together with some refreshing yogurt. We know it’s an offbeat combination but boy does it do wonders to refuel your body! Easily our favourite of the lot, the Watermelon Magic is going to be our go-to natural energy drink this season.

Nutcase – One sip and you’ll taste a delicious onslaught of nutty and sweet flavours on your palate. So, what’s the deal, we thought, how is this drink healthy yet mind-blowingly delish? The secret lies in the beautiful blend of almonds, cashews, and figs, and a lick of creamy gelato. Easily our second favorite of the lot, this smoothie could totally double up as a full meal!

Sexy Spinach – Now that’s an oxymoron that really got us curious. The Sexy Spinach smoothie brings together all that’s green, clean, and lean to give your insides healthy hug, With a blend of green grapes, mint, cucumber, spinach, and lime, this cool green drink is just what your body needs to battle the heat. But what’s the sexy for? Well, stick to this drink for a few weeks and you’ll feel it.

Summertime Madness – Turn that frown around with this bright mix of fresh fruits that spell out ‘exotic’. Loaded with natural nutrients, this smoothie is a great option for people who have a hard time coping with the heat.

Black Grape Shape – Love grapes? Well, look no further because as the name suggests, the Black Grape Shake is the milkshake of your dreams. Made with fresh black grapes and milk, this drink strikes a yummy balance between sweet, sour, healthy, and yum. With its striking purple hue, there’s no way you can give this antioxidant-rich drink a miss!

Meth – Not sure whether we liked this protein smoothie more or the name given to it. ‘Meth’ was easily the most serious smoothie of the lot and it means business. With an uber healthy blend of apple, coffee, and protein, this health elixir promises to keep you feeling strong, super energized, and in the pink of health.Go On A Smoothie Cleanse This Monsoon With A Rainbow Of Drinks From Drunken Monkey

In conclusion, we just wiped off the last of our smoothies bottles and are all set to order some more. We’re also super stoked about the fact that we get to line our refrigerator with the gorgeous Drunken Monkey glass containers that come with a screw on lid and adorned with a cool design and a scale on the side to measure your liquid intake. Use the 350ml bottles to store your liquids, decorate your space, or even grown plants in them, the options are endless and the bottles are gorgeous so get creative!

The smoothie bar delivers its au naturale goodie via all major delivery platforms, so get those fingers tapping and treat yourself to the Drunken Monkey’s vibrant range of fresh and healthy shakes, juices, and smoothies this monsoon.