Go On A Pizza Trail Around The World At California Pizza Kitchen

Go on a worldwide pizza tasting!

If we asked you where pizza originated from, you’d have an answer on the tip of your tongue, right? Of course, everyone knows that pizza originated from Italy, created with the hands of artistic pizza chefs. However, what if we had to ask you to name the different kinds of pizza that derivated from that original Italian pizza? Stumped? No worries; we can give you ten different answers that can all be found at California Pizza Kitchen’s latest festival; ‘Pizza Trails: The World On Your Plate.’





















As the name suggests, the gourmet pizza chefs extraordinaire at CPK outlets across the country are constructing ten different pizzas from all across the world, and bringing them to your plate. On the menu is the Indian inspired ‘Rustica Indiana’, which is topped with melty paneer, the ‘Zesty Meatball’ pizza from Hungary and the ‘Cheeseburger’ pizza from – yes, you guessed it – the USA.












If that weren’t enough CPK will also give you a pizza passport. As you sample each pie, get a stamp on your passport. While two stamps earn you a free mocktail, three get you a complimentary Epiphany (the cocktail, not the life milestone) and the fourth gets you…well, why don’t you try it and see? The fest is on from tomorrow until November 15th, so you’ve plenty of time to go get your passports stamped! We know we’re going to; stay tuned for what we think of the Pizza Trails at California Pizza Kitchen. Are you going to beat us there?