Go Nuts With These Nutella Brownies
May 2, 2018
Sharmili Namadevan (199 articles)

Go Nuts With These Nutella Brownies

Are you the kind that straightaway orders a brownie for dessert? Then this recipe is for you. Are you the kind that feels a jar of Nutella and a spoon is your kind of heaven? Then this is for you too! This decadent Nutella Brownie recipe combines two of our favorites into one and the result is all you wish it was and more. It is super easy to make and so yummy that we bet you can’t stop with just one batch. Try it out for yourself and be prepared to lose yourself in its chocolaty goodness.


4 Ingredients Recipe || Nutella Brownies

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Sharmili Namadevan

Sharmili Namadevan

A simple woman who believes that words have the potential to change the world, she is a foodie at heart with a passion for literature, psychology and all things Harry Potter.

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  1. Rick Gottinger
    Rick Gottinger May 02, 16:27
    I would like to try int but a recipe with quantities would make it a whole lot easier to make

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