Go to Infinity and Beyond with this Galaxy Cake

Heather Baird, of SprinkleBakes,  was inspired by a picture book about the Hubble Space Telescope and created one of the most beautiful cakes ever seen. The Black Velvet Nebula Cake.


The interior of the cake is made from black velvet and to give it a starry feel, she added 5 ounces of white confetti sprinkles to the batter. Her version of the cake is three layers and the black velvet is made thanks to dark cocoa powder and food colouring to make it dark enough to be black.

The cake is covered in fondant, which is then covered in food dyes using a sea sponge, a fine point brush, parchment paper and whatever else you want to use for the painting. It’s not an easy process, but it’s definitely worth the effort you’ll put into making the cake look great.


You can find the entire recipe, with step-by-step guides to get the galaxy effect on the outside of your cake on SprinkleBakes.com!

Image credits: SprinkleBakes.com