Go Gaga Over A Stellar Pan-Asian Meal At Stellar, The Ashok Hotel New Delhi

You know that feeling of pure joy that stems from being pleasantly surprised by something that you thought was good but actually turns out to be amazing! And when that ‘something’ is a restaurant, you’re basically in food heaven. We’re talking about Delhi-based restaurant and lounge, Stellar at The Ashok, Chanakyapuri.

Located in the Capital’s ritzy Ashok hotel, Stellar is a popular hub for partygoers who like to let their hair down while picking from beautifully plated 5-star platters. The Stellar packs an elegant punch for the glam lovers with its plush décor, somber lighting, and classy vibe. Decked with massive chandeliers, a private dining area, a DJ deck, a loaded bar, and medieval hints, the place brings together the best of vintage and contemporary elements.screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-7-20-07-pm

Lounge by week and party hub by weekend, the place is widely known across the world through its various outlets. Having made a mark for itself as a highly coveted nightclub, Stellar has been host to a long list of stars. Team that glamour with a menu that offers a variety of Pan-Asian delicacies from China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and you’ve got yourself the awesomeness that is Stellar.

As mentioned above, the food and drinks menu at Stellar lives up to the establishment’s name and are truly stellar class. The pub had us eating off its palms with its excellent selection of sushi, dumplings, desserts, and Pan-Asian mains. Here’s what we pampered our palate with!


What We Had:

Leave It To Me

Starting with a mocktail to spark the taste buds, ‘Leave It To Me’ was a delicious concoction that boasted of tropical Southeast Asian flavours. The beverage was a mildly sweet and refreshing blend of mint, honey, ginger, and sugar topped up with sparkling water.


Shimizi, Cheddar, Spinach Skin Dumpling

Who would have that a cheese dumpling could manage to drive our taste buds off the rails?! With a strong taste of cheddar that left behind trails of mushroom and spinach, the shimizi, cheddar, and spinach skin dumpling was as drool worthy – which is an understatement – as a dumpling can get!


Chicken Ginger Celery Dumplings

The classic chicken dumpling made better with hints of fresh ginger and the fresh crunch of celery made this a delight for the poultry lover in us.img_4519


Chives & Mushroom Dumpling

Give us a moment while we reminisce the juicy decadence that was this chives and mushroom dumpling. Rolled in a soft covering, the chives and mushrooms together created a storm of mild yet palatable flavours.


Prawn Tempura Roll

Do we even need to give the mighty prawn tempura an introduction? But we must! Stellar’s prawn tempura roll was a delight, which began right from the moment we saw it. Impeccably plated and served with a side of a mild wasabi and soy sauce, the rolls had us reeling!img_4561


California Dream-In Maki Roll

Here’s the deal, juicy delicious meat is my way of life, and the mere thought of ingestion a vegetarian sushi roll has always been a major put off. But Stellar turned that around with its crunchy green roll. This vegetarian version of the classic California roll was majorly satisfying!img_4522


Chicken Pan Fried Noodles

It’s unfair how food eventually finishes and you have to stop eating. The chicken pan-fried noodles were a dream. With just the right amount of vegetables, chicken, sauce, and crunch, this main dish was all sorts of fantastic!img_4524


Sesame Panacotta with Apricot Sorbet

Again, beautifully plated and packed with gorgeous elements, the dessert was a stark white sesame panacotta topped with honey and peanuts, sitting atop chocolate drizzle and black sesame seeds. This came with a serving of apricot sorbet, which really did wonders when paired with the panacotta.


The food was a delicious cherry on top of the icing, which was Stellar’s courteous staff, the soothing ambience, and glamorous vibe. In closing we’d like to say that if you’re looking for a place to party or even sit down and chill with your folks over some great concoctions and delicious food (and of course, you have a generous budget), then Stellar is the place that you should be headed to!



The Ashok

50-B, Kautilya Marg

Diplomatic Enclave


New Delhi-21

011 26118311; +91 8860600478