Glonuts Exist now and Are Lighting up a Storm!

Black Star Pastry in Sydney Australia has just invented Glow in the Dark Doughnuts and they are lighting up a storm at the city’s iconic Vivid Festival.

The mastermind behind Strawberry Watermelon Cake, Christopher Thé dubbed the most Instagrammed cake in the world, has now given us the gorgeous ‘Glonut’.

Doughnut creations have been doing the rounds recently, with the rose shaped doughnuts  and with adventure time themed doughnuts but this new one takes all the dough.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia Christopher talks about the inspiration and the magic behind these creations. He actually got the idea while walking around Vivid last year. “I was thinking hard about a way to tie in food with lights,” he said. “And glow-in-the-dark popped in my head.”  “Just the thought of people eating glow-in-the-dark food at the world famous Vivid festival of light was an amazing challenge we just couldn’t resist!”

Secret Ingredient

The ingredient that make these doughnuts light up is the icing is made with vitamin B, but the glonuts don’t feature anything artificial.”We would never create anything that was unnatural, even if it was a great idea,” Thé told the site. “BlackStar is all about great techniques and real cooking; we never add dyes or additives to any of our products. We strictly adhered to this principle in order to make the glow-in-the-dark donut happen.”It took a year to get the recipe right and glow under the black light.

To accompany the tart vitamin B, Thé added yuzu, a citrus fruit that’s popularly used in Japanese dishes and is in itself a bit sour. There are also “glowing doughnut balls” and a black sesame yuzu cake, and Black Star has partnered with N2 Extreme Gelato, who have been selling glowing white chocolate and honey drinks alongside the doughnuts at the festival.

“We thought it would be fun to see people with glow-in-the-dark icing all over their hands and faces, so doughnuts were the natural choice,” he explained when asked why they chose the doughnut instead of any other product.

We hope this trend catches on all over the world and we can try it ourselves. Or, when is the next flight to Sydney?


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